365: MY New Book

My brand new book, 365: The Year in  Sports 2011, is coming to a book store, iPad, Kindle, or Nook near you Christmas 2011! Chapter 1-5 are free to view and it is below the book cover.

Chapters One through five of my New Book   FOR FREE  RIGHT HERE   200 + Original , Insane Color Illustrations.    More notes below the Book Cover

page 1 of 378, or so

Chapters One through five of my New Book








11 Responses to 365: MY New Book

  1. Rene Rocha says:

    Hey hey, checking out the sights and sounds here. Looking forward to the book, John! Everything’s looking ace.

  2. Joey Strader says:

    You know that book is already on my “must get” list,brother!

      • Tom Clark says:

        As an impressionable seven year old kid, I doubt I could have been as excited AND terrified by one band as I was of the almighty KISS.

        All of our friends dressed up like them, played tennis racket guitar to Ace, turned NFL team garbage cans upside down for Peter’s drums, fake costume blood for Gene and painted our sisters up as Paul.

        Long live 1977.

  3. Rene Rocha says:

    Pod cast? A must! Gotta hear that unique style and point of view on the happenings. The mainstream is way too, well, mainstream. Do it, brother! It’d be a breath of fresh air all over again.

  4. Joey Strader says:

    You know the way to my heart,Freaky Freak! ;-)

  5. Tom Clark says:

    Looks like I’ll be adding this to the Christmas list.

  6. Brotha troy says:

    Freak, when you gonna be on tunein radio so I can listen to you again…miss you! How long until USC can fire Lame Kiffin and get Jeff (USC is my dream job) Fisher in? Northwest Missouri State B-E-A-R-C-A-T-S!

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